I’m interested in seeing you. How do I make an appointment? 

Feel free to email, text, or call me; my contact info is listed here: www.sarahlachatte.com/contact. Please introduce yourself, tell me your first name, and I’d be delighted if you’d tell me a little bit about yourself. Don’t just say, “Hey.”  You’ll find I’m a very warm and welcoming person, and I’ll be pleased to hear from you! 

Where do you host? 

When I’m at home in Boston, I move around between the many hotels in the Back Bay, in the vicinity of the Prudential Center. I may be venturing out to other areas in the coming months; check here or on my social media for updates.

Will you travel to me?

I’m happy to come to you if you’re in downtown Boston, Cambridge, or Brookline. If you’re visiting and unfamiliar with the area, and your hotel advertised itself as being “in Boston” but it’s actually in New Hampshire... you’re welcome to come see me in the Back Bay.

FYI, my rates are slightly different if I come to you; you can find details here: www.sarahlachatte.com/rates.

What do you require for screening?

My screening process is pretty standard and straightforward. Email or text me your references in the form of either:

  1. the names and numbers / email addresses of providers who can verify you’ve seen them in the past, or

  2. a private message via P411, if you have an account with “OKs” - here’s a link to my profile: https://www.preferred411.com/P207280

If you’re new to all this and don’t have references, no worries - just contact me for alternative options.

Will you send me a photo of your face?

I’m working hard in grad school toward a career as a psychotherapist, so I don’t do face pics. Ever. Even if you pretend to be a modelling scout, talent recruiter for music videos, or any of the other wildly creative things people have come up with.

Do you do overnight appointments?

Spending the entire night with the right person is an unforgettable experience. Having the time to share conversation, drinks, maybe a meal - and to indulge in each other at our own leisure - is fantastic. I see most of my regular guests this way. My only rule is that we must meet for a session at least once ahead of time, to ensure genuine chemistry between us.  We can transition this meeting into an overnight visit if you wish.

Will you provide a reference for me?

I’m always happy to provide a reference. However, I will never share information about you with anyone without permission from you. This is for your privacy and protection, just in case some arch-villain is masquerading as a provider to try to obtain info about you, whether for nefarious or nosey purposes. Please send me a quick text or email beforehand letting me know that you need a referral, and please include the name of the person who’ll be contacting me.

What if I have an emergency and need to cancel?

We all lead hectic lives, and I understand that circumstances can occasionally be unforeseeable, within reason. Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance, or as soon as possible, so I can make arrangements with my hotel, my assistant, and my schedule in general. However, if you cancel at the last minute, or miss an appointment without contacting me, I will be unable to schedule time with you in the future.

I really want to see you, but I’m still a little nervous…?

If this is your first time seeing me, it’s perfectly natural to be a little nervous. If it helps, I’m studying to be a psychotherapist, so I’m pretty good at putting people at ease! If you’ve read this far, you’ve certainly done your homework; you’re welcome to Google me, or read more about me at any of the following links:

My TER reviews:


My P411 account:


My indyfiles page: